Types of Websites - Functionality


Everyday, there are about 300 new websites created from all around the world. This number will keep on increasing at an alarming speed because there are major benefits when we use website. With so many different websites out there, it makes sense to sort them all into many different ‘types’.

Websites can be categorized in terms of functionality, design, and content. This means, if you were to ask anyone “What are the different types of websites?”, you will likely to get different responses from each and everyone of them.

Functionality Websites

There are about four main types of websites in term of functionality though it might not be realistic to list every single type of website.

  • eCommerce

    An eCommerce website is a website through which users are able to 
    pay for a product or service online. Not to be confused with a business website, with an eCommerce website you can add products or services into your cart, and pay for them through the site.

    This will normally involve one company selling to multiple users, but can also take the form of a multi-vendor eCommerce website, commonly known as marketplace websites. Marketplace websites allow multiple vendors to sell to customers through the same site. Best example is Shopee and Lazada.

  • Portal

    Portal is a website that brings together information from lots of different sites and present them in one place. For example, Yahoo, offers emails, forums, search engines and news all through their homepage.

    Portals can also be for internal use in a school, university or company, allowing students or employees to access their emails, alerts and files all in one place. Users will need their own specific login to access these portals.

  • Social Media

    Social media websites are platforms which allow the sharing of images or ideas. They encourage online interaction and sharing among their users. Currently, Facebook is the most used social media with over 2 billion users and another example is Twitter and Instagram.

  • Brochure

    A brochure website is the simplest type of website in terms of functionality because it typically only has a few pages, and will be used by small businesses that need a simple online presence

    They effectively act as an online brochure, giving an overview of what the business is, and how you can get in touch. However, they rarely update the content as it is static content.